Camp by Prashna Chinha School

A Camp was arranged for Girl students from “Prashna Chinha School” – A School run by Mr. Matin Bhonsle for Pardhi community children.

Pardhis is a nomadic tribe stigmatized as being involved in hunting, poaching and thieving…. and live as outcasts, aggravating their economic conditions. This school is working on educating children who were involved in begging, garbage collection, pick-pocketers, hunting from different parts of Maharashtra, Jharkhand, MP & Kolkata.

This camp was arranged aiming to make these girls aware of basic hygiene, cleanliness, sanskaras etc with a medical counseling camp. A Visit to physics, chemistry and biology laboratory was also arranged to create basic awareness.

Visit to Laboratory 

An enthusiastic staff of Prashna Chinha School, views through Microscope during  visit to the laboratory

In Sept 17, A Sarva Dharma Granth Pathan program was arranged where children participated by reading main teachings from all major religious books viz., Bhagwath Geeta, Ramcharitmanas, Gurubani, Bible, Parsi Granth-Avestha, Jain Grantha, Quran, Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, Dhamma Pad etc.


Bhagwad Geeta Chanting Competition was held in Sept’ 17 for Claas V-X students.


15th Aug’ 17 – Chart Competition was held portraying life of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose


Mass Drill 


Dignatories receiving Guard of Honors 


Visit of Gen. Sec. Most Revered Amalaprana Mataji to newly opened pre-primary & nursery school

Durga Pooja Celebrations